• Toonces

I can't get enough of these visuals. All of the SMCCF transactions grouped, sized and shaded in 8 different slides.

The fast moving dots draw me in and then when I stop and stare at slide 5 and 6 a 3D visual emerges. Just like the pictures from the 90's! Although, I think the image only appears for cats.

  • Chloe

Updated: Jul 10

We thought the constant stream of pop-ups and flashing colors on our screens would make a purrfect CatFLIX. We sat down and recorded Whiskers screen for a few moments while he argued with Mr. Bigglesworth. Unfortunately we had to cut the film a bit short due to Whiskers temper. When paws slam down and milk is thrown across the room we know its not the best time to engage with Whiskers. Hope you enjoy!